Judge Nicholas ``Nick`` Lopane

Judge Nicholas “Nick” Lopane has served our community since 1999 first as a General Magistrate in the Dependency division and currently as a Circuit Judge in the Family Division of the 17th Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County. Prior to his appointment as Circuit Judge by Governor Charlie Crist in 2010, Judge Lopane served as General Magistrate deciding tens of thousands of hearings involving abused, neglected and abandoned children.

He currently hears and decides cases concerning family, divorce, and child support matters including those cases coinciding with dependency cases to further the unified family court concept. Judge Lopane has demonstrated his ability to recognize patterns of behavior and understands how best to manage his courtroom and convey rulings to individuals who have mental health issues, which is especially significant because how a judge presides over a courtroom, including the judge’s conduct, rulings, statements, and even tone of voice can have a lasting effect on the people’s actions long after the hearings have concluded.

He appreciates how mental health issues present differently in children and adults and is incredibly appreciative of the Mental Health Associations co-parenting program and its documented success at working with parents to resolve their disagreements without resorting to the courts.

EPIC 2016

Judge Lopane is highly respected by Broward County lawyers and Broward County legal and charitable organizations. He consistently receives high approval ratings from the Broward County legal community polled by the Broward County Bar Association.

He has received numerous awards including an award for Exemplary Contribution to Broward Children and Families from the Broward Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse, the Summit Award for Excellence from the Dependency Court Improvement Summit and the Heart Award for Outstanding Public Official.

He shows his commitment to community service by volunteering on a large scale for charities, mock trials, and community programs including HANDY, as well as teaching classes and seminars in all areas of the Law. He was integral in establishing the “Fighting Chance” Boxing Club for children in foster care.

Judge Lopane has been a great advocate for families who are struggling with the emotional stress and conflict of separation/divorce as well as the mental health issues which figure prominently during this traumatic transition. He always puts the welfare of children front and center in his courtroom while also respecting the needs of the parents by ensuring that they are referred to appropriate levels of intervention. For his advocacy and community support, Judge Lopane is certainly an EPIC individual.